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[#152731] Written by: BoonesFerry [08/02/11, 06:59]
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tvrage: bedlam is a drama series set in a former asylum that has been converted into loft-style
apartments, where things begin to go bump in the night. the series stars will young.

episode 1 (of 6 part series): after a former lunatic asylum is converted into new luxury apartments the
spirits of the former inmates return to haunt the new residents after they move in.
[#152732] Written by: BoonesFerry [08/02/11, 07:00]
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i already watch way too much tv. i think i'm gonna wait on this one until after others' have posted
comments about the show.

i went googling for reviews and only found one and it's not pretty...

SPOILER ALERT - (highlight to read)
before bedlam aired i had read nothing but positive things about it many times so i was
lulled into
believing all the positive hype. the bedlam i watched however couldn't have failed to meet that hype
more profoundly. it was a completely epic failure in every possible way it could have been a failure.

firstly the acting was terrible, will young spent the entire episode with a variety of strange facial
expressions that i would expect to see on someone who is having their testicles tightly squeezed. i am
not sure of the logic in making him out as an irresistible to females piece of man candy either because
will young is not a good enough actor to act like he likes women. the rest of the cast were equally as

the biggest problem i had with this mess of a show was how over the top it was. when i watch a ghost
story i expect it be subtle. any good ghost or haunted story will at least try to build up tension
having an abundance of colour, lots of green water running down walls and up plug holes, ghosts
appearing as bold as brass and multiple chaotic cut aways to people being drowned in baths deeper
than an olympic swimming pool used by divers before the cast has been properly introduced to the
audience is not the way to deliver on the premise.

whistle & i will come to you is how ghost stories should be modelled, bedlam is set up more like a bad
halloween episode of hollyoaks than a credible ghost story. as always i have to give sky living credit
for trying to produce something original but unfortunately what they have presented borders on
[#152746] Written by: crapper [08/02/11, 08:40]
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i saw tities!!!!!
[#152753] Written by: Madaz [08/02/11, 10:14]
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Quote by crapper
i saw tities!!!!!

[#152758] Written by: j35 [08/02/11, 11:11]
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that will do it...dl'ing.
[#152763] Written by: VALNAC [08/02/11, 12:46]
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Quote by j35
that will do it...dl'ing.

here, here!

[#152765] Written by: Burt-Reynolds [08/02/11, 13:31]
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1 pair or multiple pair?
[#152770] Written by: omnivorous [08/02/11, 14:34]
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wait, what if there's only the one titty? that could scar my libido for life, desiring only for
uni-boobed companions ..
apart from that, a badly acted crappy halloween-tale is just what i wanted.
[#152787] Written by: crapper [08/02/11, 17:21]
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i really just skipped to this piece of trash, but then i landed on a part were a dude was standing near a bath
tub and a ghost chick vanished away and then the guy pulled a naked chick out of the bath tub and then i

tities!!!! 1 pair of naked, wet, perfectly formed tities!!

[#152796] Written by: Falomam [08/02/11, 19:46]
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who needs actors and a storyline i think it has been proven that an occasional breast and we will
all watch it!
[#152846] Written by: omnivorous [09/02/11, 04:46]
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just watched it, my rating for this episode is a resounding;
if you like subtle ghoststories, this isn't for you, but if you like in-your-face ghoststories then
this isn't for you either. this is a show for those of you who has half an hour to waste and usually
just watch jersey shore or anything else that happens to be on.
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